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Midnight Assassin Cover by Branded-Curse Rise of the Midnight Assassin
Status: Finished! :star:
Commissioned work by the awesome :iconseverflame:

My newest heroine Vile Creed gets officially introduced to both, Marcia's gang and you deviants. Will the four girls succeed in smashing the sinister plans of Professor Vice? And what could the mad scientist have in store for them?
Find out here!

Wings of Fire Cover by Branded-Curse Wings of Fire
Status: Finished! :star:
Special story created by :iconredblackstripe:
Commissioned and drawn by :iconseverflame:

Yenna Dragona stumbles into an adventure not from this world, as she finds herself in an unknown dimension, inhabited by hostile bird-like creatures. On top of that her only "ally" present is Rufus Schwarzkreuz. She needs to keep this enemy close as a friend, while she tries to find a way back home without bringing the creatures along. Will she succeed?

Vigil The Hunted Cover by Branded-Curse Vigil: The Hunted
Status: WIP
Joint project by :iconkostmeyer: and :iconbranded-curse: ( Me! )
Commissioned and drawn by :iconseverflame:

The famous time and space travelling heroine Vigil battles some of her most vicious adversaries yet. Can she prevail or has the abyss of evil finally spat something out she can't overcome?

Broken Alliance Cover by Branded-CurseBroken Alliance by thedude255Commission: Broken Alliance by Kostmeyer
Broken Alliance
Status: :bulletyellow: On Hold :bulletyellow:
Joint project by :iconthedude255: and :iconbranded-curse: ( Me! )

Eclipse got caught ... again!
This time Blaze has to team up with her self-proclaimed nemesis Rufus Schwarzkreuz in order to save her friend. Can these two get on the same page? Are they even reading the same book?

APEX ( no cover yet )
Status: Coming some day ^^;

Blaze finds herself in the middle of a massacre, as a nearly invulnerable, bloodthirsty monster appears in town. Yet again she has to team with the dubious Rufus Schwarzkreuz, who knows more about the creature than he himself would care to. What is the secret of the Shadow Ghoul?

Commission: United Souls by Kostmeyer United Souls
Status: :bulletred: Cancelled :bulletred:
Brought to you by me, myself and I!

The eternal struggle between good and evil has a new face.
Four brave heroines from four talented deviants join forces here for the first time ever to take on the sinister quartet of four of my most vicious villainesses, the "Champions of the Orcus".

Who will be victorious?

Commission: Fear The Dark by Kostmeyer Fear the Dark
Status: Coming some day ^^;

Several heroes come together to fight Apex, the largest Shadow Ghoul there is, one final time. Can the monster be beaten?

The Ghouleh ( no cover yet )
Status: Coming some day ^^;

Viper plays her trump card. From Professor Vice's lab comes an undead bio weapon, a female advanced version of a Shadow Stalker. Surpassing Rufus Schwarzkreuz's abilities on every level, the new enemy could prove to be unstoppable. But that's not what's most appalling about ... Lycanthrope.

:icongermanyplz::iconitalyplz::iconprussiaplz::iconeduardplz::iconromajiplz::icontaiwan-plz::iconsleepygreeceplz::iconkikuplz::iconbrothercanadaplz::iconaussie-plz::iconnataliaplz::iconpolandplz::iconspainplz::iconnetherlandsplz::icondanmarkplz::iconturkiyeplz::iconheroamericaplz::iconhungaryplz::iconraivisplz::iconaustriaplz::iconfrancisplz::iconswissplz::icontinoplz::iconbraginskiplz::iconukraineplz::iconukplz::iconkoreaanikiplz::iconlietplz::iconromanoplz::iconliechtensteinplz::iconhurrplz::iconimhappyplz::iconraegplz::iconfrageplz::iconbadassplz::iconleleleplz::iconkawaiifaceplz::iconimspeechlessplz::iconsobplz::iconcryingplz::icondontkillmeplz::iconthinkingplz::iconimsorryplz::icontardplz::iconwthplz::iconiloveyouplz::iconiloveitplz::iconcoolguyshadesplz::iconchuplz::iconrlytearplz::iconimnothappyplz::iconicameplz::iconimhappylaplz::iconwhatdaplz::iconhurrdurrplz::iconstudmuffinplz::icondawhatplz::icon0u0plz::iconimrlynotimpressedplz::iconretardiloveitplz::iconiwantitplz::iconilikeitplz::iconraegrapefaceplz::iconamgplz::iconheeplz::iconimhappiestplz::iconjusttrollnplz::iconimtoohappyplz::icondesufaceplz::iconiloveitmoreplz::iconihateitplz::iconidislikeitplz::iconirapeitplz::iconraepfaceplz::iconhnngplz::iconilovekrissiplz::iconidontloveitplz::iconimsarcasticplz::iconimshockedplz::iconicantbelieveitplz::iconilickitplz::iconikilleditplz::iconretardiloveitplz::icongwahplz::iconexcaliburfaceplz::iconimetexcaliburplz::iconyeeeeaaaah::iconohnoexcaliburplz::iconimthinkingplz::iconcrosseyedclap2plz::iconcrosseyedclapplz::iconimhappierplz::iconultimateplz::icondesiremeplz::icondesireyouplz::iconrlyplz::iconilavplz::iconexcitedflirtplz::iconwarstarplz::iconimbishieplz::iconverynotimpressedplz::iconmadlynotimpressedplz::iconblankfaceplz::iconhonoesplz::iconicouldntcameplz::iconididntcomeplz::iconiultracameplz::iconimegacameplz::iconiepiccameplz::iconimsexyplz::iconchinaaruplz::iconhongkongplz::iconberwaldplz::iconimconstipatedplz::iconchuuplz::iconsothereplz::iconthisisamazingplz::iconwtwplz::iconcubaplz::iconimhorrifiedplz::iconimpervyplz::iconcannotunseeplz::iconkyeplz::iconemmplz::iconimhachuneplz::iconawesomenessplz::iconimsrspervplz::iconwalleyedplz::iconshaplz::iconcrazyticplz::icondrunkhappyplz::iconurgrinningplz::iconimgrinningplz::iconclimaxplz::iconurajerkplz::iconidontthinksobetchplz::iconyoucardplz::iconimnerdyplz::iconimfuriousplz::iconimwinkingplz::iconbwahplz::iconboopplz::iconwtfisthatplz::iconufufuplz::iconthatsgreatplz::iconnosebleedgrinplz::iconpervyfaceplz::iconohdearplz::iconshityfaceplz::iconimbiteplz::iconimseriousplz::iconfreakedplz::iconimsrspervplz::icontongueblush::iconwthewwplz::iconxdddplz::iconimhighplz::iconidespiseyouplz::iconeheheplz::iconiderpitplz::iconiheartitplz::iconinomitplz::iconikissitplz::iconmeowfaceplz::iconmeowderpfaceplz::iconheybbyplz::icongetawayplz::icongoofygrinplz::iconfyeahplz::iconfreakedplz::iconhaybabyplz::iconhoplz::iconisawitplz::icondothisthingplz::iconhurfplz::iconwthewwplz::iconwthicameplz::iconimtwitchingplz::iconharrassplz::iconwhatisthisplz::iconsawthatplz::icon0n0plz::icontonguewaggleplz::iconimpressedplz::iconkirakiraplz::iconwashedbrainplz::iconyeahrightplz::iconpfftplz::iconawesomeglassesplz::iconhawrhawrplz::iconomgewplz::iconhuarghplz::iconimyaranaikaplz::iconslurpplz::iconhornyhornyplz::iconwaplz::iconwatwatplz::iconincomprehensionplz::iconhuhnoplz::iconthatsokplz::iconwutwutplz::iconmassiveblushplz::iconharharplz::iconmotherofgodplz::iconderpfaceplz::iconimsexyplz::iconsadfaceplz::iconthatsepicplz::iconyesexcellentplz::iconweirdplz::iconboowahplz::iconwthamiseeingplz::iconaaahhplz::iconyoucanhasitplz::iconbawww-plz::iconboredguuplz::iconwtfusayplz::iconultraangryplz::iconimterrifiedplz::iconimnoseyplz::iconevulplz::iconilltellonyouplz::iconnoesplz1::iconimanimeplz::iconimveryseriousplz::iconimrealyseriousplz::iconimultraseriousplz::iconimepicseriousplz::iconimultimateseriousplz::iconsoimseriousplz::iconicamephailplz::iconbrargplz::iconsayplz::iconava4plz::iconfinegeezplz::iconiultimatecameplz::iconimapirateplz::iconimbeautifulplz::iconhardcoreplz::icono-0plz::iconimdiabolicalplz::iconmegustabishieplz::iconwthhighplz::iconfearmeplz::icontskplz::iconfacemelterplz: :iconthankyouforthellama:


Oct 23, 2014
8:13 pm
Oct 23, 2014
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Oct 23, 2014
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Oct 23, 2014
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The Five-Headed Terror: Page 5 by Branded-Curse
The Five-Headed Terror: Page 5
Fifth page for this month's :icondeviantuniverse: challenge.
I don't know how strict :devart:'s censorship rules are, but I decided to give this one more than just a warning, just in case.
There are children watching and even though it is just drawn, a severed head might be a bit much :O

Dragonborn watches in horror, as Tiamat starts destroying the city. Shall we call it "Mauricio City"? ;-)
She's even more horrified as her archrival Lucyna the Fallen steps through the flames, holding the head of Dragonborn's daughter Yenna :noes:
Yenna Dragona, murdered by Lucyna the Fallen?
Dragonborn loses it and throws herself at her enemy. How will this turn out?

Next Page: WIP
Previous Page: The Five-Headed Terror: Page 4 by Branded-Curse

One more page to go! Hope you guys are still with me :-)
Using the theme of this challenge, I used two characters of mine, who aren't actual members of the DU roster.
Tiamat only exists in Dragonborn's memory as her worst nightmare. Lucyna the Fallen, however, will probably be seen again in the DU :evillaugh:

Deviant Universe - Dragonborn by Branded-Curse Deviant Universe - Yenna Dragona by Branded-Curse

All characters here ( including Yenna Dragona's head ) belong to me! :iconbranded-curse:
The Five-Headed Terror: Page 4 by Branded-Curse
The Five-Headed Terror: Page 4
Fourth page for this month's :icondeviantuniverse: challenge.
Got my Scanner working again! :iconfingerdanceplz:

Dragonborn tries to hide her fear and stands up to Tiamat.
However, the five-headed fiend calls her little bluff and starts wrecking havoc.

Next Page: The Five-Headed Terror: Page 5 by Branded-Curse
Previous Page: The Five-Headed Terror: Page 3 by Branded-Curse

Okay, the final three panels may not be perfectly understandable ... especially the bottom right one ^^;
Tiamat is showing of his powers here. In case you noticed and wondered, his five heads have different abilities, hence the different eye colours.
The middle head with the red eyes spits fire, the purple-eyed one spits lightning, the blue-eyed one has ice powers, the green-eyed one can cause storms and the yellow-eyed one can turn things to stone with his "Stone Curse" ability.
That's what's supposed to happen on the final panel there. That chocolate guy is a random bystander, turned to stone by Tiamat's power ( maybe I should have used grey colour for that ).

Deviant Universe - Dragonborn by Branded-Curse

Dragonborn & Tiamat belong to me! :iconbranded-curse:
:new: Deadline's here ( was a week ago, actually :XD: )
It's time to deside a winner! :winner:

I've looked through all those entries, always thinking what I would like the A.N.G.E.L.S. logo to be like.
You all made unique entries, but in the end there could only be one winner.
Or two ... kinda ... but I'll explain that later.

So, the official winner of the A.N.G.E.L.S. Symbol contest is :iconzorzathir: :winner:
To you will go a year of :devart: Premium Membership, my friend :-)

And now to the second place! There was a certain entry that I liked, not as the official A.N.G.E.L.S. Symbol, but maybe as a badge for rookie members of that organization. Since that means I will use it, it's only fair that I reward the creator.

That means a six months Premium Membership will go to :iconzephyr-aryn: :winner:

Everyone else, I sincerely thank you for participating and I wish you better luck next time.
And there will be a next time :nod:


Ladies & Gentlemen, it's time for yours truly to throw another bash!
Or, more likely, a contest! :XD:

See guys, I need your help and inspiration. My fictional agency A.N.G.E.L.S. is in need for an official symbol.
The winged star I used in the past ( and that you kinda see here )
The Aftermath: Page 2 by Branded-Curse
quite frankly, sucks ass! I need something better! Way better! And that's where you come in.

I want you to get your creative juices running and come up with a possible design for an A.N.G.E.L.S. symbol.
I will then check the entries and either adobt your design as the new official A.N.G.E.L.S. symbol or at least draw inspiration from it. One way or another, my gratitude would be yours for sure :-)

Of course there will be more than just my gratitude, that goes to the winner.
The winning entry will gain its creator a one year Premium Membership on my bill :winner:

So, interested in helping me out? Then let's waste no time and here we go! :D

Contest Rules: NONE!!!
Please think outside the box! Go wild! I'm looking for a symbol to represent A.N.G.E.L.S.
It can be as simple or complicated as you want.

Deadline will be October 12, 2014 :tombstone:

A.N.G.E.L.S. Symbol Contest Entry by Zorzathir by :iconzorzathir:
My A.N.G.E.L.S. Logo by Lecter-the-Werewolf by :iconlecter-the-werewolf:
A.N.G.E.L.S. Logo Contest Entry by twigstudios by :icontwigstudios:
[For BC] A.N.G.E.L.S. logo concept tryout! by Deep-world by :icondeep-world:
BC's Angels - Logo Attempt by Zephyr-Aryn by :iconzephyr-aryn:
Angels by bunny75 by :iconbunny75:
A.N.G.E.L.S. Symbol by Mr-Glenbro by :iconmr-glenbro:
A.N.G.E.L.S. Symbol Design by mja42x by :iconmja42x:
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Does Vile have a favorite blood type :p
Thu Oct 23, 2014, 9:51 AM
Knock-knock, you're about to get shell-shocked! 8-)
Mon Oct 20, 2014, 11:52 PM
My Scanner ain't working! :wtf:
Mon Oct 20, 2014, 9:57 AM
I'm back online! YES! YES! YES!
Sat Oct 18, 2014, 2:29 PM
Would you say a dyslexic's worst nightmare would be Halloween fall on Friday the 13th XD
Thu Oct 9, 2014, 11:06 AM
Man, I really need to upload something again ASAP :O_o:
Fri Oct 3, 2014, 10:35 AM
Boy, where's my bed? :tired:
Mon Sep 29, 2014, 9:51 AM
Oh ... wish I could still watch them :-(
Thu Sep 25, 2014, 8:37 AM
That's one of the catchphrases of the Ascension ^^;
Wed Sep 24, 2014, 5:33 PM
Tue Sep 23, 2014, 9:22 AM

Do you think Mac Tarrett will get "friendly" with one of his Fallen A.N.G.E.L.S. teammates? ;-) 

6 deviants said I'm convinced he'll take the villain instead! Burning Blades 2.0 by Branded-Curse
5 deviants said Yes, I think Hunter! Fallen A.N.G.E.L.S.: Agent Hunter by Branded-Curse
3 deviants said Ash seems logical! Fallen A.N.G.E.L.S.: Ash by Branded-Curse
3 deviants said I think the cat burglar will steal his heart! Fallen A.N.G.E.L.S.: Peroxide by Branded-Curse
2 deviants said My guess is Yukiko, she's cute! Fallen A.N.G.E.L.S.: Yuki-Onna by Branded-Curse
2 deviants said Nope! I think he'll stay single! He always does :P



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